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Sustainablility over time

Belid Lighting Group want to contribute to a more sustainable and brighter future and that involves taking responsibility for how we conduct our business today and how we develop it for tomorrow. Not only for ourselves, but for the greater good of society, our suppliers, our customers and all those who are either directly or indirectly affected by our business. Our social responsibility includes social, environmental and economic factors.

Our contribution

In short, we want to retain and create jobs in Sweden, especially locally here in Varberg. We also want to combat climate change by constantly evolving our production and purchasing methods. We also want to continue to manufacture the majority of our products in Sweden and in doing so, not only reduce the impact of transportation on the environment but be able to offer our customers products with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. We want to act fairly and respectfully as a company and be seen as an attractive employer with favourable working conditions and development opportunities for our employees.

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The environment - a responsibility we take seriously

We are aware that manufacturing our products ourselves has a direct impact on the environment, but it also has advantages when compared with importing from other parts of the world. Environmental work is an ongoing process with the aim of improving and reducing our carbon footprint. The ISO14001 certification is, therefore, a natural and important step in this direction, as well as reducing the amount of air and plastic in our packaging, optimising water consumption and purchasing environmentally friendly electricity to name but a few.

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Social responsibility - a factor for success

Every individual that works here contributes to the company as a whole and helps drive the company forward. Our employees are supported in a number of ways ranging from health benefits, working environment, gender equality and diversity. Everyone is welcome here at Belid, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or religion.

Profitability - a measure of sustainability

Our business has developed here on site in Varberg since 1969. We work with a long-term perspective and with sustainability in mind, in everything that we do. That means that profitability is always a factor in our decisions and our investments and that our financial responsibility goes hand in hand with our environmental and social responsibility.