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Reels of colourful lamp cables
Two lightbulbs with colourful lamp cords

Unique lighting solutions tailored for you

Not only do we have our own brands of Belid and Herstal, but in strategically collaborating with other brands we are able to offer a complete lighting solution package to our customers. In addition to offering these products as accessories through our retailers, we also use the products in a number of special projects. Selected Brands offers unique and patented functionality, high quality and market-leading technology with an almost unlimited alternative to creative lighting solutions.

CableCup – Swedish manufactured and patented canopies with a unique function

CableCup is a Swedish designed unique solution enabling the quick and easy installation of luminaire lights with an aesthetically pleasing finished result. Made out of an elastic plastic, the cups are tight fitting, leaving no unsightly gaps. CableCup is a Swedish invention that can be used with all types of ceilings and a range of lighting units. In addition to offering the product to our entire dealer network, we also sell them to other lighting manufacturers, and they are also available at wholesalers for electricians to purchase. Read more at

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Creative Cables – Customizable Italian components for creative design solutions

Customisation is the key for Creative-Cables. A huge product range with thousands of lighting components such as textile cables, lamp holders, canopies, plugs and hooks and innovative systems with IP65, lighting chains, wall pipes and much more. The product range is enormous with an infinite number of combinations and with Creative Cables in our product portfolio, we can offer tailor made solutions for all our customer’s needs. Read more on our Nordic B2B website for Creative-Cables. Contact us if you want us to set-up a business account for you.

Wall lamp above a statue

Lystra – Scandinavian design and innovation for professional lighting

Lystra is a Swedish company that manufactures the market’s best rail solutions and spotlights without making any shortcuts. Lystra are an important part of Belid Lighting Group’s product portfolio with undisputable knowledge and technical competence when it comes to professional lighting. With Lystra onboard, we are able to offer quality solutions for restaurants, retail outlets and hotels. Read more about the products at

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