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First things first. If you're searching for information such as 3D files, product sheets, images, or manuals related to biodynamic lighting, we've got you covered. Click here to access our Download section, where you'll find a well-organized folder structure. Each folder contains valuable files and documents that cater to your needs.


The Partner portal contains the products of the comprehensive solution where you can find the products included in Mate Collection. For each product, you can find general description of the product with image and price. Registered customers can place orders directly in the Partner Portal.

Well-being and health with biological light

Light has a significant impact on well-being and health, and plays an essential role in regulating circadian rhythm and activity levels. Biological light is artificial light that mimics natural light with similar qualities and effects.

Biological light affects humans both mentally and physically, and the effect is well-documented. Research has shown that the right type and amount of light at the appropriate times of day can improve sleep patterns, strengthen circadian rhythms, counteract depression, and enhance energy levels and well-being.

Instruction and introduction video

Learn more about biological lighting and how the Mate Collection can promote health and well-being. >> Watch the video

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Holistic solution

Belid’s flexible holistic solution with biological light encompasses a wide range of products with various features, which are portable and have a homely design, allowing them to be combined and used both in residences and communal spaces.

"These light profiles are based on the latest research in biological light, also known as integrative light. The light profiles are designed to provide strong light during the day, promoting a stable circadian rhythm, and dimmed light in the evening and night, preparing the body for rest and sleep.” Joachim Stormly Hansen
Ceiling lamps at a reception
Two table lamps on a working desk
Bathroom lighting with two wall lamps and one ceiling lamp