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Belid Lighting Group - three different areas of business

Belid Lighting Group’s portfolio is divided into three different business areas: Home, Professional and OEM. Each area has its own organisation and levels of competence that work within the company’s brands and comprehensive product portfolio.

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A range that focuses on project sales where our 50 years’ worth of experience as a lighting supplier makes us a reliable, trustworthy and secure partner and supplier, regardless of whether it concerns time specific projects or longer collaborations. Our wide range of lighting products delivers complete solutions of decorative and functional lighting to hotels, offices, restaurants, schools and other public environments. The accessibility to our factory in Varberg gives us the flexibility to deliver customized solutions at short notice, which is something that we are extremely proud of. A dedicated and experienced member of our team will be assigned to your project and work alongside you all the way from idea to finished product. With our own design department, prototype workshop, sewing studio and metal work department supported by our purchasing department who can search for any external components needed for your finished product, we are in a great position to help you complete your light fixture. Book a meeting with one of our experienced sales team to discuss your projects and options available. Click here to read more about some of our projects. For those of you who work with project lighting, we have created a section of downloads where you can access 3D files, dimensional sketches, product and environmental images and product information sheets. If you are not able to find what you are looking for, then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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A range of lamps for the home made with a timeless and appealing Scandinavian design from our own brands of Belid and Herstal, as well as practical and functional accessories from Selected Brands, Cable Cup and Creative Cables. We have a well-established network of retailers and stockists throughout the Nordic region including physical stores and e-commerce sectors and a presence in a number of selected export markets via external agents. The fact that we manufacture our lamps in our local warehouse in Varberg means that we can offer fast delivery times, dedicated customer support and drop-ship service, making Belid Lighting Group a safe and easy supplier.

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A range that delivers technical lighting to the Swedish professional market. Our technical competence and knowledge of lighting allows us to develop innovative and customised lighting solutions for our customers with time-efficient installations and smart packaging solutions that create a level of efficiency for electricians. With a focus on industrial and functional lighting for offices, stairwells, churches, sports halls, industrial environments and other public spaces. Our light fixtures meet the market’s strict requirements for environment, sustainability, quality, technology and function. In our factory in Varberg, we are able to handle the entire production process from idea to finished product. This gives us the strength to be able to offer customer unique solutions and meet customer specific requirements. We work with a range of materials including sheet metal, aluminum and plastic. With the environment in focus, we are constantly striving to source alternative materials and we are extremely proud that we are also able to offer products made from biomaterials and recycled plastic. We also have our own laboratory and are able to perform light measurements and EMC measurements inhouse. Please contact us with any enquiries.