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Gloria table lamp in the lobby

Scandic Gothenburg Central


Scandic Gothenburg Central is a newly opened hotel in the heart of Gothenburg. Scandic is one of the largest hotel chains in Scandinavia, and its hotels are known for their high-quality design and service. We were responsible for designing the lighting at Scandic Gothenburg Central. The hotel has a lobby, a restaurant and hotel rooms with Belid lamps from our portfolio.

Ten Hotel exterior

Ten Hotel


Ten Hotel is a new concept hotel that takes staying in a hotel to a whole new level. Belid Lighting Group have had the privilege of delivering wall, floor and pendant luminaires for the hotel’s rooms, wall luminaires for the hotel corridors and our award-winning Taurus bollard lights for the outdoor areas.

Red hotel in Swedish mountains

Hotell Kurbits Kläppen


Belid Lighting Group has been given the privilege of designing lighting to Hotel Kurbits, a skiing resort in the Swedish Mountains. Each bed has a Tyson wall lamp from our brand Belid with functional directional light and a USB socket for easy charging of the smartphone overnight. The timeless design that characterizes Tyson means that it blends in with the rest of the decor, which is cool Nordic in its expression.

Ceres pendant in the lobby

Jacy´z Hotel & Resort


The new Jacy´z Hotel & Resort chooses lighting from Belid. On the first of November, Jacy’z opened up their doors to a new hotel in Gothenburg developed by Ess Group. With 233 rooms, a pool club and several restaurant and meeting concepts, the hotel creates a city-resort destination beyond the ordinary.

Ocean pendants in kitchen

Uno Form Studio


Exclusive danish design kitchen manufacturer uno form recently opened their new Gothenburg studio & showroom.

Pendants in Jupiter Boost café

Boost Café - Stenungsund Arena

Restaurants & Cafés

Belid Lighting Group have provided pendant luminaire lights to Boost Café in Stenungsund Arena. The Jupiter, Buddy and Magnum luminaires are from Belid’s standard range that meet the quality requirements for such lighting projects.

Magnum pendants over dining tables

Decorative and architectural lighting


Impact Hub is a global co-working concept with over 100 interconnected communities. Belid Lighting Group have delivered a range of luminaire lighting for the project, both from our own brand Belid, but also from our partners such as Creative Cables and Lystra.

Radisson Blu Polar Hotel

Radisson Blu Polar Hotel


The world’s northernmost full-service hotel is found on Svalbard and is the northernmost project that Belid Lighting Group have worked on. In a cold and inhospitabel nature our lighting brings a warm atmosphere.

Scandic Gothenburg Central
Gloria pendant in the lobby

Scandic Gothenburg Central

Hotelroom with our products
Deluxe table lamp coworker room
Vienda table lamp in the lobby

We were responsible for designing the lighting at Scandic Gothenburg Central. The hotel has a lobby, a restaurant and hotel rooms with Belid lamps from our portfolio.

The hotel lobby is a bright, modern space with lots of natural light. We wanted to create a warm atmosphere that was also functional and easy to navigate. We chose to create a flexible lighting system with several different light sources that could be easily adjusted as needed. The result is a warm and welcoming lobby with lots of natural light.

The space is divided into several zones, including an entrance area with a a bar, lounge chairs and a restaurant. An open space with a long table provides an opportunity for working, socializing, and meeting new people.

The interior design of the hotel is a mix of modern and classic. You'll find special designed pendant lamps in natural materials like glass and cork in the reception both on the main level and in the conference space. For the tables we used a mixed of table lamps from both our brands Belid and Herstal. But also, bespoke lamps unique for the hotel. All these lamps are installed into the tables giving it a special character.

Our design team has created unique lamps for the hotel rooms as well, which give off a warm glow and complement the other lighting fixtures in each room. The unit's lighting is a combination of two different designs that complement the bedrooms' contemporary style. This luminosity is achieved through a variety of lights, such as a floor lamp and desk lamps.

Belid Professional

Professional is a range that focuses on project sales where 50 years of experience as a lighting supplier makes Belid Lighting Group a reliable and trustworthy partner. The wide range of lighting products delivers complete solutions of decorative and functional lighting to hotels, offices, restaurants, schools and other public environments. The accessibility to the factory in Varberg enables the flexibility to deliver customized solutions at short notice, which is something we are extremely proud of.

Book a meeting with a member of our experienced sales team to discuss any potential opportunities and projects.

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